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In order to capture the best of TEC Lighting’s line of products in action, newly produced videos will be featured on the company website in upcoming weeks. These improved videos will encapsulate all the features of the very best in design and manufacturing of TEC Lighting’s UV coaters. These videos are documented at all angles in order to aid prospective clients and customers on how TEC Lighting’s machines are operated.

Ty Ahrentzen, a freelance director, helped steer the TEC Lighting team in creating a visual demonstration that will help customers ingest the functions of each UV coater. Director of Sales and Marketing, Daniel Hodhod, and VP of Sales, Moses Nuno, were the brains behind creating an appealing, yet effective video shoot that will ultimately help promote their products.

The first machine to see the spotlight is TEC Lighting’s own TruCoat. This sophisticated machine is offered in both a 21” and 30” design, which is extremely easy-to-use. Its quick change, textured rollers can use an array of finishes for less than ½ cent per square foot. In addition, it is compatible with all digital and inkjet printers and takes less than 5 minutes to set up and start. Click HERE  to read more on the TruCoat UV Coater.

Corporate video production and on-line marketing is on the rise in 2012, and TEC Lighting is prepared and fully equipped to fulfill this progressive demand. Stay up to date with TEC Lighting News to see the release of the TruCoat with optional

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